elle goodness

alessandra ambrosio for elle march 2009. thanks to leflassh.com for the heads up. gorgeousness.


current madness and utter exhaustion

mad goodies in the shop at the moment, even more to come. check 'em out here.


Sonic Youth + Mirror Dash + Kim Gordon = GOOD

Thank God for people like Kim Gordon. Video courtesy of the Vogue website; style.com.


Luckily for me and the rest of us poor saps not in Cali (oh, how much more homesick could I be???!!!), there are little islands of UO yard sales at every location. I already hit mine up and scored some Mar CoOperative waxed black skinny jeans, a black and white Lark & Wolff tank, a pair of black ultra draped harem pants, and a gorgeous Silence + Noise skirt. All for 40 dollars, no joke. In other news, anyone living in SilverLake or Echo Park? Let me know what's for sale around there, or of course Hollywood Hills. Other SoCal locations are of course options, but I might as well put the word out. I'll be applying for transfer to a few Universities down South and want to start really looking...


Shoot For June!

Madness ensues at our June photo shoot.


File Under: Drooling

I've been a bit crazy lately on the eBay front. A girl can only take so much "research" of what prices and availability without buying some of the lovely vintage and designer on there...one of the reasons I do what I do is out of the sheer love of both the sustainability of vintage and my obsession with fashion. Here are some current lusty numbers I'm hoping to score.

Australians Still Taking Over The World...

I've been completely obsessed with pretty much all fashion/art/music out of Australia for the last few years. Can't help myself. It's almost obscene the amount of talented designers busting it down under...Bassike, Mink Pink, Evil Genius, and now Alexi Freeman. Here are some stunning shots of some pieces and showcases in store. Plus, I love any one who's bona fide interdisciplinary. Makes me feel I'm not the only work obsessed lunatic with indecision masquerading as limitless energy...rrrrriiiiigggghhht...

Danko MF'N Jones!!!!


God Bless Stiv Bators.

Fucking style icon. Certainly one of mine, one of my greatest inspirations, heroes, influences, you name it. Here he is with various people, including the infamous BeBe Buell and of course, Cynthia, his love, who was with him the night he died. RIP Stiv.

File Under: Obsessed

Bess. Acne. Burfitt. VPL. Drooling.


Super Cool Painting!!!!

So, a fellow painter friend of mine, Kerri Eckes, will be having a painting gallery show here in the Triangle in Raleigh in two months on cultural and ritualistic identity and she's chosen me as a representative of Modern Primitives; showcasing both my stylistic preferences and comfortability as well as my tattoos and piercings. She's INCREDIBLY talented and I feel truly honored that she's chosen me as a subject. I'll post more info on the show as it becomes available, as well as any studies that I have access to as a result of pre show drawing. You can see some of her work and a short biography here at Litmus Galleries. Here are a few I really identify with.



Chanel In The Boutique!

Sick 1970s Chanel belt in the store RIGHT NOW!!!!