She's So Untouchable

Umm, this is painfully good. As much as I adore the other looks (I mean, with their price points you know that leather is going to be softer than the softest puppy ears, right?) I have to say that the most lust inducing for me is that INCREDIBLE flared trouser cotton candy pink suit. That's so dang slick, it's like a slip 'n' slide! I love it. Gah. Must find way to exploit self and as many others as possible in order to reach that financial bracket. Come on, it's the American way, where's my piece of the pie? And what kind of pie is it, anyway? Does it have to be apple, because I'm really more of a lemon meringue gal myself. I digress.



Seriously. I know I talk about it all the time, but there's not much I wouldn't give/do to be living back home. I miss it so much. Now one of my bands is defunct because the guitarist/drummer (a couple, actually) are moving back to Oakland, where he's from. We've known each other for 15 years, and they're two of my only friends here. Major sad face. Sigh.


Grossest Clear Out Ever

Oh man...I'm drowning in clothing...the most massive push ever coming to the store. I'm having some sort of freaky cathartic overhaul of my clothes and general possessions. I think it's coming out of being seriously strapped, for one, and for another my various handicaps are just driving me totally nuts and I feel useless when I'm in this kind of pain. Hence, workaholic OCD mode + being broke = lots of incredible designer and vintage for you! Here are a few things I'm working on. They're already being put up in the store!



So, yeah, I've been unbelievably MIA lately...sorry guys. I've had two deaths in my immediate family in two months, a bout of the flu so nasty that I subsequently lost 15 pounds in a month, and more medical problems, bills, and unreal mistreatment by doctors that I'm frankly surprised that my head hasn't exploded all over one of them by now. I'm trying to put it all back together, or barring that, just saying to hell with it and starting over. But damn it, I'm still here.