Fashionista, Motherf***rs!

Sooooo....I'm just giving in, as it were. You know, I wander around in the nebulous ether that is the available internet constantly. It's necessary, for work and school. I'm a full time art student, online boutique owner, web designer, vintage fanatic, rock n roller, musician, poet, blah blah blah, photographer, blah, painter, blah. Basically, if it's artistic, I feel compelled to do it. I can't stop myself. I'm at war, all the time. Internally. It's as if each angry/sad/crazy/happy/mad (like the Mad Hatter, mad) can't win. There's a constant stalemate and consequently I'm almost always absolutely exhausted as a result, and I never, EVER, EVER, feel like I'm accomplishing even a quarter of what I want to. For a long time I've been promising myself I'd do a business related blog for the ebay store; streetwalkincheetahs, and then I realized that fashion, vintage, art, music...OF COURSE it's all related. There's tons of lovelies out there who are just going for it, and damn it, so am I. So here you are. A lonely voice typing to the dulcet tones of her tiny little snoring dawgs, one on either sock foot. Here I am, clad in a wife beater, vintage twentie's tap pants, and a ridiculously tired countenance. 
Good night, all. 
Good night, none. 
Good night, moon. 


Patience is a virtue, grasshoppers...

So, now that 2009 has begun, we here at Street Walkin' Cheetahs are on hiatus. Of sorts, anyway. A temporary hiatus from making cash on the barrel head, anyhow. We're taking time off from our ridiculous schedule so that when we come back, it's full force and with new features and INCREDIBLE new vintage for you muffins. I, personally, found some ultra ultra cute outfits recently that I'm very excited to get to you. (think a 1930's crepe rayon bias cut dress, a 1960's sweater mini skirt mid-rift outfit, and a white fox fur coat) Bear with us, then, while we revamp the store, work on sales, get out some of our shipping bugs, and take care to make sure we're meeting the demands of our customers. Those of you old souls who've been with us since the beginning will be floored by the waves of newbies, whom we welcome, wholeheartedly. Love you all, 


Our Economic Woes...or, How I learned to stop buying new and love vintage.

Here at Street Walkin' Cheetahs, we don't want to be another faceless boutique, another random stop off in e-commerce or your online shopping excursions. We started this blog as a way to connect with our lovely customers, and to build relationships through our shared interests. We're musicians, writers, poets, designers, artists, and absolutely in love with vintage and fashion in general. We believe that understanding the foundations of where what's out there today (think Alexis LaMontagna, and for a great look into her collections check out our friends at beauty spot: http://beautysspot.blogspot.com/search?q=alexis for fantastic insight and a really good interview.).  SO, anyway, foundations. Why are these designers, again and again, drawn to the same silhouettes, grasping for the same soul that existed in the 19th century? We feel like there's simply no improving on what the inimitable CoCo Chanel did, along with earlier goddesses of silent film and fashion, Clara Bow, and other icons of the Roaring Twenties were and represented. (we're currently COMPLETELY obsessed with flapper era fashions, and looking into ways to bring you not only the originals, but new interpretations as well.) The real test of our patience and thoughts comes with the price tags. How discouraging is it for all of us to look and lust and daydream after some gossamer fantasy in tangerine chiffon only to learn that it costs more than our rent and our utility bills put together???? We're working on ways to allow all of us to share and benefit from the artistry of fashion and beauty, all while listening to vintage vinyl crackling on our turntables. Stay tuned for more fun this week!


A New Epoch Of Our Vintage Underground Begins!

For the Rock N Roll Lifers! We search out the strange and fantastic, hand selected for quality and construction. Rare and out of print vinyl. We specialize in punk, KBD, powerpop, garage, & rock n roll. We have over 20,000 45's in stock! Designer and underground fashion. Cutting edge risk takers with a penchant for melodrama. Punk, Rock N Roll, Skin, Mod, Boho, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, retro & vintage styles. Art Deco, Indie, Punk, Rock N Roll, New Look, Boho, Electro, Neu Wave, Proto Punk, Post Punk.