crass. still the fucking best.

sharon tate event

on august ninth there will be a multi media event memorializing the 40th anniversary of Sharon Tate's murders. she was such a freaking beauty. and please, roman polanski? gorgeous. talented. an utter hollywood tragedy.



punk as fuck. say what you want about the legitimacy of sid vicious' role as a musician, there's never been any doubt as to MM's eye for a good looking stick up kid. he certainly got more than he could handle in this lad here. to be honest, sid and nancy is still pretty much my favorite movie, and certainly shaped my future fashion predilections. i owned the great rock n roll swindle as my first piece of vinyl and pretty much never looked back from there. he's just a fucking glorious mess. love him. love it all.


so addicted.

I'm sick, so I've been indulging myself. Here are some seriously covetable items on the ole ebay. I just scored a pair of silver studded buckle vintage Donald Pliner boots, a pair of Doc's which I'm just turning around and re-selling, a pair of vintage 70s riding pants, a liberty floral ruffled mini dress, a Margiela Line 6 sweatshirt, a Moschino tee, some new buckle boots, and a load of vintage scrap to make new jewelry!

Then of course there's what I'm coveting this week.



The newest addition to my little canine familia! He was a rescue, who was found wandering alone in the woods at ten weeks old. I opened my house to him because I have no willpower, haha!


032c Magazine

super so good. this agyeness denn spread is sickeningly gorgeous, and also makes me happily celebrate my smaller chestiness with pride. yeah. oh the hotness. check out this unreal bi-annual mag 0n cerebral contemporary culture here.


buzzcocks call it boreDUMB.

some tidbits from my wandering around this weekend doing research, as usual. Chloe Sevigny looking fucking adorable, as usual. that ellery shot is sick.