Hospital Light Is SO Unflattering, Dah-lings!

UGH. FUCKING DOUBLE UGH. I spent all of Sunday and most of Monday in the emergency room for pain, loss of hearing, vertigo, nausea, and a whopper more's worth of shit. I am not a happy kid, kids. I have a ton of ebay shits to take care of, and lemme tell you, the buyers don't care about the seller, they care about the package and time to destination. Don't get me wrong, I love my customers, but I know its hard to wait for something you've only imagined in person. In any case, it's one of those weeks that everything comes crashing down around me and I feel sort of strangled by circumstances beyond my control. Anyone who has gone deaf probably knows what I'm talking about...it's as if someone is covering my ears. Scary stuff. Where's the capital F for Faith? I'm working on it, slowly but surely, I'm trying. My heart was all fucked up last night too...irregular and sudden, lots of pressure on my chest. So here's some photos of my shit I was going to post, might as well still do it.


there is some sort of light flashing at the end of the tunnel, isn't there?

So, I've really worn the same types of clothing for as long as I can remember, been a punk rocker for ages, so the whole Rodarte and bondage inclusion into fashion is something I have ABSOLUTELY no defense against. Yum~!


late summer honesty, depression, sometime inspiration.

So I usually try to keep it fairly impersonal on here, which I think ends up costing me in regularity of posting. Trying to manufacture depth in posts on things (operative word) which interest me when I'm carrying a rather heavy load personally can be more than I can bear. So, here you go-
Lately (and by lately I mean the last couple of years, up to right now) I've been having some pretty serious medical problems. Surgeries, illnesses, lots of mysterious symptoms, new diagnosis, etc. It sucks. There's plenty of eloquent ways I could illustrate this but really, when you're this out of gas physically, it sucks is about as poetic as you get. In any case, I still stay current with art, music, fashion, film, and literature as much as possible. Sometimes I find myself getting more depressed instead of cheered up by all of it because the sheer enormity of my everyday life has so much BS in it. Not that I'm ungrateful, mind you, I'm not, it's just that the shy glimpses we get of designer's lives, artist's lives, etc, are so narrowed down to a "just so" photoshoot of perfection and hope. At least to me. So in that vein, I was reading and envying Sophomore designer Chrissie Miller's lovely abode and wardrobe on Elle.com and thought I'd fill you in. I'd love it if something in my life was white and clean besides hospitals. Here's to that in the future.


sick as hell.

yeah. so more on that title later. suffice it to say, I am a hot mess. it's getting a little old, darlings. I'm really tired of being ill and getting tests, giving blood, getting cut on. ugh. here's the boudoir.


no frontin'