My Lame Azz-

Ok, so I've been MIA again. Sorry kids. Lots going on, lots to talk about, lots to accomplish, you know the drill. Now I'm sitting at work, programming and working on the new face of Street Walkin' Cheetahs Boutique, getting geared up to start my new quarter at school. Tonight I have a four hour Economics class. Strangely, I think I'll really enjoy it. At least I hope to. As far as students go, I'm a pretty ideal one for a teacher. I try to come in super open minded and ready to absorb information. I work really hard and I sit in the front of the class. You know, big time note taker, early paper writer, blah blah. I'm a total geek. It's really exciting to be in college. I had waited a long time to be able to be here. In other news, hopefully the new store front will be up and functioning Friday, with a TON of stuff in it at stupid low prices. I've been sitting on a bunch of goodies because I didn't want to relaunch with the old layout, and honestly coding for both Ebay and Auctiva is ridiculously time consuming. So, this weekend, my dears. Expect designer, vintage, and records, as always. Some of the items will be from my private collection so it should be a pretty amazing inventory. I'm thinking about going back to work at my last job, so we'll see what happens with the store. If it does really well, like I hope it will, I may not have to juggle 4 jobs and a full time, 17 credit hour school schedule. The times are trying for everyone I know. My little household is no exception. Look forward to photos of my not-Victory Victory garden. I'm down as hell with self sufficiency and sustainability, so I'm cutting out our entire produce bill (with the exception of bananas, which I haven't quite worked out just yet) from the grocery shop with my garden. Think peppers, beans, tomatos, melons, berries, everything imaginable will be going on. It's going to be beautiful. Plus, I love playing in the dirt. Being outdoors with the dogs and the trees and my plants is a welcome and sanity saving respite from staring at a computer screen, which is what I do for at least 12 hours pretty much everyday. I work hard, man. And I ain't gonna stop now.