But Seriously Folks-

Now and then, meaning every two to three months or so, I get one of those customers on eBay who really makes me crazy. Makes me want to throw in the proverbial towel, as it were. It's really discouraging sometimes. There are so many factors into running a successful online boutique that your average consumer doesn't have to think about, and rightly so. I mean, that's why they aren't running one, right? The deal with eBay is that for over a decade now it's been really the only reliable game in town, but with some pretty hefty price tags for sellers. We pay a ton of fees, and rely on sometimes quite sketchy peeps to give us our feedback ratings. I buy a ton of stuff on eBay as well, though I'm totally not supposed to, heheh, and I almost always leave happy glowing five star reviews of my sellers because I understand how much work it takes just to deal with it on a day to day basis. Recently I sold an Alexander Wang blazer and two and a half weeks after the sale and delivery of said item, the customer decided they thought it was inauthentic. Ouch. Not only is this absurd on several levels, as I've been doing this for a long time, but I can track where I bought it from (Off 5th Saks, and if they're selling fakes then we're all screwed!), plus I have a no questions asked three day return policy. So it makes me sad when people are immediately aggressive and rude. Basically I gave them the refund, and then had to wait another two weeks to get the item back. Le sigh. I know there are way more grateful, appreciative, amazing customers out there than the alternative, but I know Christy and all my compadres at the Buf can definitely relate-sometimes it's the rough ones that stick with you for a little while. So I have been taking a little hiatus, and just now am thinking of listing a new and rockin' batch of designer and vintage. (think a really cool Dooney & Bourke green snake foldover clutch, a brand new with tags Lamb bag, a Red Valentino long sleeve blouse, Twenty 8 Twelve by Sienna Miller, and Alexander Wang)  So we'll have to see. Sometimes it's painful to have to funnel my own cash back into the mix, but after half a decade plus, I still really enjoy slinging clothes, so you guys are stuck with me. I love you all, my gorgeous regulars and friends. I'm not going anywhere.