What do you guys think? Should I try to ride out my mini-recession and hold onto my Jeffrey Campbell 99 snakeskin (faux, Christy, no worries, oh AND I MISS THE POOP OUTTA YOU AGHHHHH) wedges and my Jeffrey Campbell sandal wedges? Here they are in all their glory-
They're totally sold out and almost impossible to find, but unlike my Xenon wedges, these size 6's run a bit big so I have not worn the sandal-ee ones at all, and I think the 99's are so gorgeous that I'm a bit afraid to wear them! I'm hanging on the devastating edge of indecision here, kids. I'm also (someone please talk me out of this, wouldja!?) pondering selling the Sergio Rossi pearlescent platforms and the gorgeous Dries Van Noten heels that I picked up recently in NYC at the ever so divine Century 21. Seriously. That place makes my soul weep from joy. For those unfortunately uninitiated, Century 21 is basically TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Off 5th Saks, Last Chance, Last Call, EXCEPT-this is where mothereffin' Bergdorf Goodman's, Barney's NY, all the HIGH HIGH end retailers go to die. Ugh. Double ugh. You can't imagine how incredible it is. I scored said Dries Van Noten heels, Sergio Rossi platforms, this gorgeous Milly embroidered technicolor jacket in the style of Chanel, 2 pairs of American Apparel sweatshorts which I really needed since Baudie the wonder dog eats all my pajamas (I'm not sure why, but he eats rocks and things like charcoal briquets as well, soooo),
and some other amazing finds. I'll be going back really soon, hopefully with my girlfriend Robyn, who actually knows how and enjoys shopping, and is one of the only women in my personal history who can genuinely hang tough with me when I'm in crazy bag lady bargain hunter mode! (I love you Robyn, you rule!) I actually have a Century 21 budget, which is great because it means I put enough (or try to, anyway) away to go up to NYC, stay for a weekend, eat, and go shopping. How fun is that??? Plus with all the emotional shitstorms and health issues I've been weathering I think it's a swell idea for me to take regular mini-vacations. Don't you agree?
Jeffrey Campbell 99 Snakeskin Wedges

Jeffrey Campbell Polish Wedges

Sergio Rossi Platforms

Dries Van Noten Heels

Milly Jacket