Fashionista, Motherf***rs!

Sooooo....I'm just giving in, as it were. You know, I wander around in the nebulous ether that is the available internet constantly. It's necessary, for work and school. I'm a full time art student, online boutique owner, web designer, vintage fanatic, rock n roller, musician, poet, blah blah blah, photographer, blah, painter, blah. Basically, if it's artistic, I feel compelled to do it. I can't stop myself. I'm at war, all the time. Internally. It's as if each angry/sad/crazy/happy/mad (like the Mad Hatter, mad) can't win. There's a constant stalemate and consequently I'm almost always absolutely exhausted as a result, and I never, EVER, EVER, feel like I'm accomplishing even a quarter of what I want to. For a long time I've been promising myself I'd do a business related blog for the ebay store; streetwalkincheetahs, and then I realized that fashion, vintage, art, music...OF COURSE it's all related. There's tons of lovelies out there who are just going for it, and damn it, so am I. So here you are. A lonely voice typing to the dulcet tones of her tiny little snoring dawgs, one on either sock foot. Here I am, clad in a wife beater, vintage twentie's tap pants, and a ridiculously tired countenance. 
Good night, all. 
Good night, none. 
Good night, moon.