Patience is a virtue, grasshoppers...

So, now that 2009 has begun, we here at Street Walkin' Cheetahs are on hiatus. Of sorts, anyway. A temporary hiatus from making cash on the barrel head, anyhow. We're taking time off from our ridiculous schedule so that when we come back, it's full force and with new features and INCREDIBLE new vintage for you muffins. I, personally, found some ultra ultra cute outfits recently that I'm very excited to get to you. (think a 1930's crepe rayon bias cut dress, a 1960's sweater mini skirt mid-rift outfit, and a white fox fur coat) Bear with us, then, while we revamp the store, work on sales, get out some of our shipping bugs, and take care to make sure we're meeting the demands of our customers. Those of you old souls who've been with us since the beginning will be floored by the waves of newbies, whom we welcome, wholeheartedly. Love you all,