File Under: Seven Deadly Sins; Lust

Oh, covet covet covet. I'm dying here! I've been (and still am, of course) SO SO ill for the last two weeks. Ugh. Gross. Can't freaking handle it. I'm wrecked. And, of course, it's the beginning of finals at my school (art school) so I'm completely screwed. S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!!! Plus, I of course have some totally bogus "group" project and neither of the people doing it with me haven't gotten hold of anything. So, guess I have to do: a, a blog for a client (though it's almost done), two record covers for the label I work for (Smogveil), a portfolio website for my Intro to Scripting Languages class, an animation (!!!!) that's supposed to be a "group" project, (due tomorrow, by the way), and oh, I don't know, try to leave the bathroom floor? That'd be fabulous. So, in the meantime, I have nothing but time to lust after clothes. I am ridiculous. But really-some if this shit is so right it's not right. I'm obsessed (as some of you already know) with AllSaints, Bassike (an unreal Australian label, I mean, what do these people do? Rock N Roll, clothes, good God!!!), Sass & Bide....ugh. It's killing me. I need to make more money. And spend less on tuition. Come on, financial aid!!! Hook a sistah up!!!! Mama needs some new threads! Check this shit: