Seasons Changing and We're Loving The New Kicks!

So, remember those jellies we used to wear when we were little girls (did they even make them for boys? That's not very fair, is it?) that used to eat down to the bone on the side of your foot? I had them in clear lavender, clear pink (hot, of course) and clear sea foam green. Yes, it was some years ago and the color sea foam green was all the freaking rage. Don't ask me. But if you find a photo of me with my massive bunchy socks pulled up over my awesome acid washed black pegged jeans you win a prize. Anyway, Givenchy has apparently decided to disperse something to the little people or something, because these ridiculously adorable JELLY lace up sandals are only 170.00!!!! I can't believe it. I need these in my life. I'm just hoping that they don't cause my feet to bleed like the ones I used to have.