Radio Silence Must Cease!

Yeah, I've been MIA lately. Totally swamped with classes, work, life, health, etc... Mostly the health part, actually, but c'est la vie! I've found some real gems in the vintage cat lately, and hope to be posting some soon for sale in the store. Please check them out and look for the records to be slowly but surely added as well. In other news, I have discovered the face of God in my bathtub. His name is Lush. Holy Cow!!!! Has anyone used this stuff?????? It's amazingly fantastic. I bought the Rock Star soap , the Sonic Death Monkey bath gel, the Ma Bar bubble bar, the Geo Fizz bath bomb, and the Too Drunk To F*ck bath emotibomb. Yes, that's really the name of it, which is all the more reason for a girl like me to shop there. Last night I took a bath, as it was snowing like crazy outside and my body aches like you wouldn't believe, with the Geo Fizz bath bomb and the Rock Star soap. I have to vouch for these bad boys-they work. Really, really well. I have been craving another bath all morning, and honestly may just make myself a cup of tea and hop in to some hot scented water when I get home. Sigh. If only that were now, and if only someone would pay me to take more baths. That appealing hot pink slab is the Rock Star soap, which I used to shave my legs (AH-mazing!) and smells like bubble gum. Yay! 

In other depression curing purchases, I wandered foolishly into the Sephora at Crabtree in Raleigh, after an admittedly failed attempt to get help at MAC. (it wasn't their fault, they were super slammed, but I really wanted the Hello Kitty collection! ) I fell in love with Nars years ago upon my first excursion into a Sephora, in Las Vegas. I seriously had the same eye shadow for five or six years before it needed to be replaced. Can't beat it. Especially since a duo shadow costs 32.00, which for me is a bit steep but entirely worth it. I FINALLY found the right foundation for me!!! This may not seem exciting to you, but let me tell you, I'm pretty ecstatic. It's the Fiji balanced formula, and we'll see how it works out. To tide you over, here's some photos from my very, very rushed trip to San Francisco. I'll be back soon, I promise. A great big thanks and I love you to Kate Morrow, Store Manager of the Haight Street Buffalo Exchange, for being her effervescent amazing self, and totally rockin' it out on the merch front. Expect a new expanded post tonight or tomorrow on the super cute vintage I picked up while in Cali.