Oh Hell, Now I have to go to The Gap.

Damn. Damn damn, double damn. Alexander Wang will be releasing a design collaboration with the Gap, and rumor has it that not only will he be bringing his usual casual luxury styles with him, but a little bird told me that he's also releasing a khaki motorcycle jacket for UNDER 100$!!!! I don't know about you guys, but I'm a full time worker/student/artist, and that's a little more reasonable for me to justify. Not so much the 2800$ leather jackets, though they're brilliant and I love them. I'm simply not in that wage bracket...yet. Ha! I'm hoping that various neurosis, including workaholism and OCD will eventually aid me in being able to afford at least one of his gorgeous bags. The Gap collection drops on June 16th. Don't miss it, and I'd plan on getting there early, I have the feeling it's going to sell out.