Standard Issue Foot Soldier.

Somehow, being dressed in the most basic of comfortable clothing makes everything easier to bear. I woke up today and limped out to my back deck to take in the garden and the pups playing. It's my morning routine. I wake up, start a pot of coffee, and wander outside. The sun was shining, dogs were happily chasing birds, and all of my seeds have sprouted into little plants. I have this thing about self sufficiency and sustainability, and also about organically grown foods. So in an effort to marry and enjoy all of these interests, I'm slowly but surely developing my back yard into a really productive and aesthetically pleasing garden. Peppers, beans, tomato, potato, carrot, chard, onion, leeks, cantaloupe, watermelon...the list keeps going, trust me. Plus, a ton of really gorgeous flowers and some vintage planters and trellises. It's a really wonderful way to relieve stress, to feel as though I'm making some sort of positive addition to my little corner of the world, and totally a form of spiritual meditation for me. With all the health issues I've been dealing with, it's vital that I have some time where my mind is just sort of there, open, malleable, without any issues taking up precious real estate. Plus, how can it not be fulfilling to shop for dinner in your own garden? It's awesome. I recommend it to all. Even my good friend who has a balcony at her apartment is finding joy in growing a cute little herbal garden of culinary plants! Space does not define your ability. Anyway, what I meant to say was that it's the little things that help me get through all these trials and tribulations life throws at me. Things like a really clean, soft plain white t shirt by Helmut Lang, which I scored for under 20 bucks at TJ Maxx. Or Rogan cargo pants. BCBG jelly sandals for ten dollars. (did I mention that was for TWO PAIRS???) My dogs, my garden, my house, cooking. Thank God for all of the wonderful moments they bring me. Without them, I'd be lost. Skoal to them!